Get More Life Out of your Tub

Is your bathtub dingy and cracked? Would replacing the whole thing blow your remodeling budget out the window? Bathtub liners were invented to help ease that burden. Cheaper and much easier to install, these could be the solution you were looking for.

These PVC plastic or acrylic liners are molded to fit your tub exactly.  You simply place it over your existing unit, and glue it down. Installation typically happens in as little as a day. All you have to do is call a representative, let them come over and take measurements and pictures, wait a few weeks, and your tub can look as good as new.

Liners are the answer to your cleaning woes.  These highly durable covers are able to withstand even the most abrasive of bathroom cleaners.

While not a permanent solution, a liner could be just what the plumber ordered to tie you over until your budget allows for a full refurbish. It’s important to keep in mind that these are not going to fix existing problems within your bathtub. If there is a moisture issue, it will all be sealed in-between your tub and the liner. This could lead to mildew and cause even more problems.

A plastic liner is also going to feel different than your porcelain tub. This is completely normal and you should get used to it in no time. Just remember that you’re saving up for that dream tub in the meantime.

This is also the perfect way to protect your existing bathtub from wear and tear. Perhaps you just got a puppy and need to give him baths. A liner could save your tub from scratches and dings while the puppy learns how to behave properly in the water. The normal life span of these covers is about five years.  That is just enough time.